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Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru (MEF)

Banco de Crédito del Perú

Director of Macroeconomic Forecasts and Scenarios

  • Prepare and supervise the forecasts for 2018 - 2021 of main macroeconomic variables, published in the official update report of the Multiannual Macroeconomic Framework.

  • Prepare and manage macroeconomic framework analyses, economic reports, and presentations given by top officials.

  • Propose and guide research projects.

Economist in Cabinet of Advisors of Minister Alfredo Thorne

  • Provide technical assistance to the High-Level Committee on Social Protection, established to formulate policy recommendations for the pension and health systems and unemployment insurance. 

  • Collaborate in preparing the Pension system chapter of the official final report.

Economist in Cabinet of Advisors of Minister Alonso Segura

  • Prepare policy recommendations, and economic and fiscal analyses to assess the feasibility of public and public-private investment projects.

  • Develop regional and local annual budget schedules containing expected future revenues and committed investment.

Graduate Intern in Investment Strategy and Economic Research

  • Manage mortgage data from 2007 to 2012 to build a housing risk monitor.

Economist in Investment Strategy and Economic Research

  • Conduct global research to monitor economic performance and risk in the United States, European Union, and China. 

  • Conduct macroeconomic framework analyses for emerging markets and developing economies in Central and Latin America. 

  • Prepare the international section of regular economic reports and presentations.

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